Monday, August 15, 2011

Atlanta Courts Rule Against President Obama’s Healthcare Plan

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by Antoine Scroggins, Your Black World 

It seems that almost the entire American Republic is growing weary of President Obama and his political agenda. Our alleged “One-term” President has been ostracized immensely for everything from the struggling economy, the Bush tax cuts( which are still intact), and the current wars in Libya and Afghanistan. We might as well add a couple of Atlanta judges to the “just say no” to Obama list.

The 11th Circuit court of Appeals recently said no the President’s healthcare plan that would require all Americans to purchase healthcare insurance or be hit with hefty tax penalties for failing to do so.

Chief Judge Joel Dubin and Circuit Judge Frank Hull ruled that, “to force citizens to enter into contracts with private insurance companies for the purchase of an expensive product from the time they are born until they die”, to be unconstitutional.

White House advisor, Stephane Cutler, thinks that there will be adverse affects if the health plan is not implemented. She believes that Americans with “insurance” and “taxpayers” will be stuck with the bill if uninsured citizens do not obtain some form of health insurance.

Many believe that this recent decision by the Appeals Court will prompt the U.S. Supreme Court to get involved.

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  1. Somehow, I agree with the ruling. No one should be forced to buy healthcare just as they should not be forced to buy car insurance or wear a seat belt in your car, BUT YOU ARE and will be fined and/or imprisoned for not following the law. How constitutional is that? By the same token, should anyone without health insurance suffer a health related matter, they should be accountable for their own bills and not look to the government for assistance.