Monday, September 5, 2011

The White House Now Offers Online Petitions

The Obama administration now has a petition website for the public

Your Black World reports.

The Obama Administration is giving the public a simple way to make change if that's what they would like.  The White House has issued a site called "We the People,"allowing the public to create and sign petitions asking for the government to make changes in a multitude of areas.

If a petition gets 5,000 signatures within 30 days, it will draw an official response from the government.  Staff and policy experts will first review the petition before issuing the response.

"When I ran for this office, I pledged to make government more open and accountable to its citizens," President Barack Obama said about the site.

The president claims that the site will give Americans a "direct line" to the White House.  The site came as the president has been pushing the public to get Congress more involved on matters of public interest.   He is also seeking additional public support for his initiatives on jobs and balancing the budget with tax increases on the wealthy.

African Americans can find special use for the site, especially on the matter of black unemployment. Recent data shows thatblack unemployment is the worst that its been in 24 years.  Some find it ironic that the worst economic conditions for the black community have come with a black president in office.  While there are those who criticize the president for ignoring the economic suffering of the black community, this website may be a chance for black Americans to have a voice.

The site will begin accepting petitions at the end of September.

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    We certainly will be able to get 500 signatures.

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